Tuesday, 9 June 2009

MONDAY 8th June - 6 weeks to go

Miles last week 165 (165 road, 0 indoors)
Total miles this year (delta last year): 1282 (-925)
Weight (delta week, delta year) : 15st 0.0lbs (-1.0 lbs, +9lbs)
Body fat : 26% (+0%)
Tantia body type 2 (obese)

Well this was the week we did the Highclere Magnificat.... absolutely brilliant 130 miles with 2500m climbing. Six of us started, Me, Rupert, Ben, Ben's brother Dom, Steve and Steve's neighbour, Paul. I learnt one lesson I already knew - on a ride like this you must be in a group. I was in a very fast group of Marines going along the Test Valley until we hit a hill and I was shelled out the back... thereafter it was an 80 mile TT for me. Very lonely, windy and slow. It should be much easier in the Etape to grab onto a group, but never never head out on your own, much better to wait for a group. Somethink we all learned last year on the ToI.

After exactly 100 miles the route went past Rupert's front door! I realised I was about half an hour behind him but still intended to call in and see Marie on my way past, but when I got there who was standing by the gate waiting for me but Rupert. Anyway, nothing for it but to have a cup of tea and some cake and join Marie for a spot of sunbathing by the pool.... it was great of him to wait for me as the final 30 miles would have been fairly miserable on my own. We stayed longer than we should have but it meant we missed the downpour that caught many of the other riders near the end. After Mari's cake felt fairly good on last bit until three miles from finish we both got a puncture.... so all in all only time for two very quick beers before heading home for a plate of Lasagne and a bottle of Borolo.

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