Tuesday, 9 June 2009

MONDAY 1st June - 7 weeks to go

Miles last week 55 (55 road, 0 indoors)
Total miles this year (delta last year): 1117 (-985)
Weight (delta week, delta year) : 15st 1.0lbs (0.0 lbs, +10lbs)
Body fat : 26% (+0%)
Tantia body type 2 (obese)

Couple of rides this week but one of them around the surrey hills with Paul. Five hills including Box and Leith plus a new one going up to Peaslake. Great ride in lovely sunshine, hills slow but getting up them. Disappointing 9:55 for Box Hill which puts me firmly last on the Bikeradar Box Hill challenge.

Weight still being stuborn... something to do with all those busness lunches I have to have ;-))

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