Monday, 25 May 2009

MONDAY 25th May - 8 weeks to go

Miles last week 107 (107 road, 0 indoors)
Total miles this year (delta last year): 1062 (-850)
Weight (delta week, delta year) : 15st 1.0lbs (0.0 lbs, +9lbs)
Body fat : 26% (+0%)
Tantia body type 2 (obese)

That's better, only 8 weeks to go so a bit of effort called for. A cycle with Neil Mc in Richmond park on Wednesday evening, an outing with Steve H in the surrey hills on Friday and a usual outing with Rupert on Sunday added up to a better week than usual. 9.30 up Box Hill which is on a par with this time last year, hills feeling reasonably OK but a long way off Ventoux. The Highclere Magnificat in a couple of weeks is going to be a good indicator of how I am doing... 126 miles and 3000m of climbing, going to be tough.

Then off for three days in Mallorca with the boys so a couple of good days there should be helpful.

Bike making an appawling squeaky noise from around the cranks... god knows what that is, need to plan a service.

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