Sunday, 3 May 2009

MONDAY 4th May - 11 weeks to go

Miles last week 90 (90 road, 0 indoors)
Total miles this year (delta last year): 825 (-513)
Weight (delta week, delta year) : 15st 2.0lbs (+0.0 lbs, +7lbs)
Body fat : 26% (+0%)
Tantia body type 2 (obese)

Well, where did those 6 weeks go? No blog entries for a long time. Too embarrassed, very little cycling and weight going up and up... this is not looking good. However, weight slowly coming back down again and we did the White Horse Challenge last weekend, so encouraged to start blogging again, and more importantly loosing weight and cycling some miles.

Living in London a bit more these days during the week is really taking its toll on training. Where it used to be just Thursday night, its now usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Effectively means no mid week cycles. Last year used to get our or use my indoor trainer during the week.

But the numbers do not lie... 800 miles so far this year, 500 down on last year!! That's going to be tricky to catch up... and half a stone heavier.... hmmm. Just looked again at cycling video of course, its really much more difficult than last year, especially for non climbers like me so weight is going to be a determining factor.

Great ride last weekend though, WHC... me, Rupert, Paul, Ben and Alan plus saw Steve at the finish. Last starters at 9.30 we shot off at a very fast pace, soon into a well organised chain gang.. after a while saw lone figure in the distance but for some reason not gaining on him as fast as I thought we would. Reason soon became aparent when we did catch him and nip into his slipstream - he was going bloody fast. By this stage we really had been signing those cheques that may have been difficult to cash later and all agreed to slip back and bring the pace down a bit... first 20 miles in just over 20mph average... phew. Fantastic country after that, never knew there were so many white horses in Wiltshire. Did know about Averbury rings though, the thinking man's Stone Henge. If you get a chance go and walk around them, we settled for riding through the middle of them...

First very steep hill, can't remember the name.. on the approach very windy and to his disgrace I saw Rupert hiding in the slipstream of a very fat girl. Looking around I saw a very skinny girl I had overtaken hanging in my slipstream so fair's fair I guess. When the hill kicked up to 17% I had had anough and was off and walking.... chapeau to those that cycled past me.

On and on we went knowing that the last hill was steep... as we turned right into it we could see all the way up.... Rupert struggling in front had to get off... I cycled past him. Somehow I knew this would spur him on and sure enough as I had to get off who should pass me but Rupert. There was then a very steep section round a blind corner, I pushed the bike around that and re-mounted to do the rest, feeling very pleased with managing it. My sussipisions were confirmed later when Rupert confesed to going past me and dis-mounting round the blind bend! The run in from the top was rolling but fast and fun..... met Steve at the finish and off for a beer at one of the murkyist pubs I have ever been in (and that's saying a lot).

Great bank holiday from the family eating out bit - Smiths of Smithfield for a bit of steak, Bentleys for the obligatory oysters and Sheekeys for a fishy grub up... but not so good for cycling zero miles.

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