Monday, 11 May 2009

MONDAY 11th May - 10 weeks to go

Miles last week 110 (110 road, 0 indoors)
Total miles this year (delta last year): 935 (-775)
Weight (delta week, delta year) : 15st 1.0lbs (-1.0 lbs, +9lbs)
Body fat : 26% (+0%)
Tantia body type 2 (obese)

Only 10 weeks to go and more training and weight loss needed. Hampshire Hilly Hundred with Pete and Rupert this weekend. Fantastic course and beautiful weather, Hampshire looking at its best. Very hilly course, though nothing very serious so did not have to get off and push at any time. We had signed up for the full 100 mile course but the muppets organising the route decided to close this as it w
as getting late so simply took the sign down that showed where it diverted from the shorter 77 mile course. Totally confused us but by the time we found out we were too demorialised (having had two other detours) to re-trace our steps and do the full one - pity as we missed out watership down which is meant to be a challenging climb.

Got round in a fairly swift time and got up all the hills, however, on that performance not encouraged by the etape.... running out of training time, my only hope is to loose and stone and hope that does the trick.

Good old London Irish, great win over Harlyquins in the semi final of the premiership... next week the final.

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